Mission, Vision, & Values


To advance equitable outcomes for all people in Kent County, we build relationships, foster understanding in the community, reject biased assumptions, and lead policy and process change within systems of transportation, food and nutrition, efficient energy, economic and workforce development, and digital inclusion.


We envision a bright, prosperous future where the dignity and human rights of all people in Kent County are actualized by people-centered systems that guarantee equitable access to opportunities, tools, networks, and resources to meet their current and emerging needs.



This core value is the foundation of all of ENTF’s other values and work. Our work will be rooted in equity, meaning all efforts will be impartial, culturally competent and strive to create unbiased access to services and resources. We aim to intentionally prevent and remove barriers for marginalized and under-resourced communities, including but not limited to – race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, ability, age, origin, beliefs, and religious affiliation.


Promoting policy and systems change, along with increasing awareness of systemic inequalities throughout the community to support self-determination.


Elevating the voices of all people through co-creation, engagement, and action.


Creating change to address causes of inequities between individuals and society.


Aligning systems and connecting with community to build a more cohesive network of essential needs organizations to support equitable outcomes.


Maintaining and growing resources to support individuals in achieving long-term household stability.

Action Areas

Data & Understanding

Build knowledge of the community’s current state using quantitative data, diverse experiences, and intentional storytelling.

Action & Advocacy

Ensure equitable systems by holding leaders accountable and advocating for policy and process change.

Community Learning

Build capacity, competence, and confidence for the task force; support partners and community members in their development and leadership.


Support stakeholders in building and strengthening relationships, partnerships, and collaborative efforts.