Please keep in mind, this information is for use between organizations/agencies. Please encourage community members to contact 2-1-1 for information and resources.

Kent County Resources:

Translation and Intrepretation

Social Media: A spreadsheet ( has been created to translate short (social media length, not more than one paragraph) written materials for translation into Spanish (or other languages). Volunteers can sign up and fill those requests in the same document. This is an effort to free up the capacity of both professional translators working on longer and more complex informational documents (that are constantly being updated), and of bilingual organizational staff to focus on their work. Please share this resource widely!

Documents/Videos: The Hispanic Center of West Michigan has been given funds to cover the cost of translation and interpretation services for any organization for the time being.  The Center has the capability to turn around translation of written materials in 24 hours or less, in some 85 languages. They also have the capacity to do same day, simultaneous interpretation of things like press conferences or short videos. Holly Rea is the Center’s language services manager, and she is monitoring her email (, cell phone (616- 828-9679), and office phone (616- 742-0200 ext 132) for translation and interpretation requests. At this time, cost should not be seen as a barrier for organizations to access language services through the Center.

State of Michigan Resources:

  • How to File for Unemployment
  • SNAP Benefit Changes
  • Double Up Food Bucks:
    • In response to COVID-19 many locations are getting rid of the $20/day limit. Please note that many stores, including Family Fare, VG’s, and ValuLand, have increased the limit to $50/day.
    • Double Up Food Bucks Updates
  • Michigan is First State to Provide Food to Families Affected by School Closings Caused by COVID-19
    • Families with children who received free, reduced-cost lunches at school qualify for new program. Under this program, each eligible student will receive $193.80 per eligible student to cover March and April and an additional $182.40 per student to cover May and June combined.
    • For more information, view the full news release.
  • SER (State Emergency Relief) Policy Changes: Effective Monday, March 30, 2020 the following SER changes will be in effect.
    • A phone interview is no longer required: In instances where changes are reported or there are discrepancies that must be resolved, the worker may choose to complete an interview.
    • Suspension of one-time energy assists: SER energy services will no longer be limited to one payment for the remainder of the fiscal year however, the service caps will remain the same:
      • $1200 for propane and fuel oil
      • $850 for all other energy types
    • The non-cash asset limit will be increased to $15,000 (except burial when the deceased is the only group member).
    • Elimination of the shortfall determination: DHHS will not be making a shortfall determination for any month for energy or utility services until further notice. The required payment amount for electricity, heat, water and sewer services is $0.