Food and Nutrition


Near Star: Kent County residents understand and advocate for the tenets of the Good Food Charter: fair, green, affordable, and healthy food for all. Residents participate in the local food economy through investment, involvement, and increasing economic development as consumers, donors, educators, policy-makers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, decision makers, and advocates.

Guiding Star: All Kent County residents are food secure with access to fair, green, affordable, and healthy food (Good Food Charter) and participate in a culturally welcoming local food system that promotes justice, equity, affordability, and health. With a resident driven food system, the local economy is thriving and vibrant, interconnected to multiple sectors, and supported by smart and equitable policies.

The ENTF Economic and Workforce Development Committee meetings are open to anyone who seeks to participate in this conversation. To get more information or join an upcoming meeting, contact us at



  • Carola Carassa, FitKids 360 - Health Net of West Michigan
  • Nancy Maiquez, YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids

Action Teams

  • Community Education
  • Data-Story
  • Health Equity and Community Power
  • Partner Education