Putting it All Together

Purpose of the Tool:

  • To identify current levels of engagement.
  • To be intentional about the level of engagement of each relevant stakeholder/group and make improvements as necessary.

Suggested Use:

This tool is best used in conjunction with the Who is at Our Table? or Power Matrix tools, though it may be used alone. To complete the table, the group will need to reference the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Community Engagement Spectrum tool.

  1. Identify target stakeholders (reference other tools if needed).
  2. As each cell of the matrix is completed, consider both current engagement and desired engagement.
    • Engagement at any level is only valuable when input is actually considered and used. Not every stakeholder group must be at a “Co-Lead” level on the IAP2 spectrum. Sometimes, “informing” is the most appropriate for that stakeholder. However, discuss the merits, risks, and challenges of deeper engagement with each stakeholder group and be able to explain the action team’s decisions.
  3. Discuss how stakeholder engagement can be used to address inequities in power and/or outcomes, enhance the perspectives of decision makers or implementers, gather more community support for your issue, etc.

Example: The System Navigators action team decides to identify best practices and pain points of clients engaging with system navigators across participating ENTF WFD agencies. This tool can help to consider the diversity of clients that can offer perspective on how to collect information, develop meaningful reports, and consider recommendations. The tool can also help identify stakeholders within the organizations that will be essential for the success of the project and subsequent recommendations.

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