IAP2 Community Engagement Spectrum

Purpose of the Tool:

  • To understand the current of level of engagement of various stakeholders, and to identify the desire level of engagement for those groups throughout the progression of a given project or initiative.

Suggested Use:

This tool can serve as a reference tool that can be helpful to consider at any point, though it may be used alone. Specifically, this tool needs to be utilized when completing the table in the Putting It All Together tool. Additionally, the tool can be used in conjunction with the Who is at Our Table? or Power Matrix tools.

  1. Begin by identifying the common goal and the stakeholders involved (reference other tools as needed).
  2. Review each of the objectives that correspond with the levels of engagement. For each stakeholder group, identify the objective that most accurately describes the current level of engagement.
  3. Continue to follow the steps within the “Putting It All Together” tool to discuss current vs. desired engagement, and to identify appropriate action steps to implement.

Example: The Communication of System Resources action team is considering effective marketing strategies to facilitate outreach around ENTF agencies’ impact. The team utilizes the tool to understand the current level of engagement of various stakeholder groups and to shape effective tactics.

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